Warhammer Underworlds: More Battles in Shadespire - and DEATHGORGE!

Warhammer Underworlds: More Battles in Shadespire – and DEATHGORGE!

Another Sunday happened and that means Warhammer Underworlds at my place!

(except that it won’t this coming Sunday.. for.. REASONS!) 

As with last week, we played the first game in Shadespire – mostly because I wanted to use my fancy new Soul Refractors!

I was playing Skabbik’s Plaguepack. Orion brought out the Chosen Axes (with a Void-Cursed Thralls nemesis deck). Amanda played Elathain’s Soulraid. Nick played Da Kunnin‘ Krew. 

Orion started off with attacking the Orruks and then got ganged up on. 

Despite losing one of my minions in the first round, the skaven were pretty much left to their own devices and everyone ignored them… probably on account of the SMELL! 

I was mostly trying to score objective cards and avoid combat. I think the few objective cards I’d lose from their rivals deck when I eventually get around to making a Nemesis deck is the ones requiring killing things.. and just sneak around doing their sneaky-smelly-befouling thing! 

Not sure how well that will work in one-on-one games?

Last of the Fyreslayers… did not go quietly! 

Ouch! Skabbik being stabbed by Krookgrin… 

Ended the game with most of my rats alive. The Chosen Axes had been wiped out and, I think, only Spinefin was left of the Soulraid… who can’t actually DO anything… 

I did about as well as I think I possibly could have… but Nic did BETTER! I think this is the first game Nic has won in all our Sunday four-player games!! Woo!!

I may have to revisit Da Kunnin‘ Krew, because they kicked butt! 

For our second game we played in the DEATHGORGE – now that I have four boards for that setting (now that Wintermaw is out!) 

I decided to switch things up and dug out the Thricefold Discord. Amanda decided to go back to her roots and pulled out Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven. Orion decided to try out the NEW Thorns of the Briar Queen deck. And Nic just stuck with Da Kunnin‘ Krew as they were working out so well! 

I fairly aggressively went after the Thorns. 

Da Kunnin‘ Krew and Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven kind of just had their own little battle over on the other side.. with a few ghosties mixing it up with them. 

I took out a few of the Ghosties… but it took all three Daemons to gang up on them to take out ghosts with two wounds… it was kind of sad… 

We did take out Varclav – with two attacks, at one point though… 

There were a few fights where the Orruks and Murder Aelves just stood next to each other having a slap-fight, but no one was able to deal any damage because they would only roll successes for attacks and their opponent would roll a crit for defence!? Like that fight between Krookgrin and Kyrae in the back corner… The fight started in the first round and they were still going at it near the end of the third round?!

I think the Everhanged did more damage to us than we did to them?!

The Heralds of Slaanesh did get their shit together enough to take down the Briar Queen as well, tohugh… 

Little fight in the corner still going on at the end of the game! 

Amanda won this one, Scoring as many points and Nic and Orion together?! I think she scored one objective from Paths of Prophecy that gained her FIVE Glory points (which was a third of the points she scored in the game)?! 

I wasn’t TOO far behind… 

Good fun. This was the FORTIETH (40!!) game of Warhammer Underworlds I’ve played so far this year!?

I really need to sort out some Nemesis decks for a few of my warbands! I also wouldn’t mind getting some one-on-one games in!? 

No game this Sunday because Amanda is in San Fransisco! She’s there for a one day workshop-confernece-thingy for work and then tacked on a few days to explore the city with a friend she’s meeting up with from Ottawa, and won’t be back until Sunday evening… 

Orion and Nic are both getting their hair coloured on Sunday, which I can’t wait to see as I am sure they will be fabulous! 

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