Warlord  28mm Africa Korps

Warlord 28mm Africa Korps

After the testers from a couple of weeks back the first Africa Korps squads roll off the paint table.

A mix of tunics and head gear to give them that campaign feel. These are all from Warlord games and look better proportioned than the commonwealth foe to my eye. 

I opted for 8 figure sections, smaller than the French and Commonwealth squads, but my thinking is using Bolt Action the Germans will get more dice and therefore more flex on the table. Each section armed with an MG34, loader, two MP40’s.

A couple of extra’s to bolster their number, a forward observer and a medic or pin marker depending on points or scenario.

These were really fun to paint and cleared the paint table relatively once I got my eye in. 
Looking across the mass of undercoated models there are at least 3 more batches. Standby for lots of German pics over the next month or so.

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