Warlord Games F&IW Highlanders

Warlord Games F&IW Highlanders

Wanted to have a unit of these guys to represent the 78th Fraser’s Highlanders who were present at the Siege of Louisbourg – the scenario I hope to use with Rebels and Patriots. They painted up pretty quickly as they have minimal uniform details to paint – most of the jacket lacing being obscured by the great kilt. Used a simplified version of the „Government Pattern“ tartan – as it seems it was the most-commonly pattern worn by Highland units.

Although they appear to be in only two poses, there are actually four poses – with very slight detail differences. I do wish there was a firing pose though.

The buff facins were worn by the 78th Fraser’s Highlanders as well as the 42nd Black Watch prior to them changing to blue after being made a Royal regiment in 1758. The 42nd still wore buff facings for most of their time in the F&IW – including the Battle of Ticonderoga.

An 005 Micron pen was used to add black stripes inside of the larger green stripes. They’re not that discernable, but seems to improve the overall look. The patter itself is painted for effect rather than accuracy – that is, the green stripes are probably spaced a bit too far apart, but at arms-length it looks okay and I think if the lines were closer it would look too „busy.“ Same as the stocking pattern – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

They were painted the usual way – block painting and Minwax staining – followed by some highlighting.
Next are some Brigade Games F&IW Rangers, and French Marines and Militia. Thanks for checking out the blog, and wishhing you all good health.

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