We Are Off to The Seven Years War Association Convention!

Der Alte Fritz is force marching his way to South Bend, IN and the SYWA convention.
I have my Ford Explorer packed to the rafters with a combination of Fife & Drum/Minden stock and all of the terrain and figures that I will be using in my two Zorndorf games. You can look at the new SYW Russian figures and AWI Mounted Militia figures that have been recently added to our ranges of figures.
Russian Shuvulov Howitzer in action at my solo play of Zorndorf earlier this year.
Unfortunately, I had to leave the SYW British and Hanoverians in their barracks and they were joined by some of the AWI cavalry (although the new American Mounted Militia will be at the show).
AWI Hessians – these have been based since this picture was taken last year.
I will be setting up my dealer booth this afternoon and then set up the table for my Zorndorf game. I will be ably assisted by my nephew, Alex, so that one of us will always be at the dealer booth whilst the other is running the game or sight-seeing in the game room.
The convention is being held at the Waterford Estates Lodge in South Bend, Indiana on Friday and Saturday April 7th and 8th. If you are in the area, please feel free to drop in and have a look, do some shopping or even get into at game. Our group is a very friendly and sociable lot and we warmly welcome newcomers, so do drop in.
I will try to post some pictures over the weekend, but the portable Blogger ap is not very useful on the road, sad to say. Nevertheless, I will be doing a full post about the convention, probably on Sunday evening. So stay tuned.

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