We Won.

We Won.

We Won.

Just so everyone knows, Delapre Abbey won the auction for General Bouverie’s Waterloo sword.

It went for more than expected, with the winning bid going in at £15,000. That’s an astonishing amount. The next lot, a similar sword without ownership provenance went for a mere £1,400.

To ensure they didn’t lose the item, the Abbey dug deep into their reserves to top up the amount raised by the GoFundMe campaign. That fund raiser is still running, as the Abbey needs to refill its coffers so it can do a proper job of displaying and explaining the sword. Donors will get an invite to a special event when it is put on display for the first time, probably in May, so I am told.

If you want to chip in, the link is: https://gofund.me/67623a6d.

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