What a Tanker! Russian M3 Lee

I had a cunning plan this morning. How about taking an old Hasegawa 1/72nd scale M3 Lee kit and kit bashing it together with the track units from an Armourfast Sherman kit, both to speed up construction and to make a more wargame proof model. I had the Hasegawa kit in the loft, complete with a faded £3.75 Beatties price sticker to show you how long I’ve been collecting plastic kits, and I also had some spare Armourfast tracks that I could scrounge from the bits box.
Here’s the end result after a couple of hours of kit building, made slightly longer by the carpet monster and various pingy bits of plastic kit shooting off in all directions. I’m pretty pleased with this M3 Lee conversion job, especially as you can’t get a quick build kit version and it fits in very well with my other Soviet tanks. If the Hasegawa kits weren’t so expensive these days I’d get another one and do the same kit bashing exercise, if only to field two of these mid-war monsters!

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