What the heck is Mantic FrantiCon 2019?

Frantic Gamers podcast host, Ben, explains the ins, outs, ups and downs of the biggest (so far only by game count…) Mantic event of 2019 [Ed’s note – well, unless someone else organises another one :p].  Don’t miss out on the incredible Early Bird offer available until 30th November 2018, which includes your choice of any new DreadBall team, any Warpath vehicle or any Deadzone Starter box (RRP £24.99)!

What is it?

Mantic FrantiCon 2019 is an absolute Mantic bonanza of a weekend (held across March 23rd and 24th, 2019). Organised in partnership between Mantic Games and the Frantic Gamers podcast, the weekend includes four tournaments and a narrative gaming event across four Mantic games (Kings of War, Deadzone, Warpath: Firefight and DreadBall), demos galore of Mantic’s recently released (and maybe upcoming!?) games, and to top it all off the opportunity to get your hands on event exclusives, show deals and special offers!

During the daytime of each day, attendees are able to choose one of two events.  On Saturday, you can either play Kings of War in the Kings of Herts III doubles tournament, or Deadzone in the Desolation II singles tournament.  On Sunday, you can either play Kings of War in Erit Bellum I, a ranked singles tournament, or play Deadzone or Warpath: Firefight in the narrative gaming day Battle for Exham XII.

Kings of Herts III TOs Matt & Paul Desolation II TO Ben
The London Cup 2019 TO Kate Erit Bellum I TO Martin

[Ed’s note – just imagine being in a room with all these beautiful people.

They’re permanently in soft focus too]

As if that wasn’t enough organised gaming mayhem, on Saturday evening you can also put your sporty pants on for the most prestigious regional DreadBall tournament, The London Cup 2019!  If sports aren’t your thing, don’t worry as we have you covered: there will also be Free Open Gaming on Saturday evening so bring whatever games you feel like, crack them out and have fun.  There have already been whispers of Clive Stone organising a mini Vanguard campaign and Ian #Deadzoneislife Davies preparing another exciting Dungeon Saga adventure!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL!  Mantic Games will also be running a store Invasion, attending in force all weekend to run demos of their latest games.  Sitting on the fence about Vanguard, Hellboy or Here’s Negan? Prevaricate no longer! Now’s your chance to let the Mantic run you through a game.  This element of the weekend is completely free and open to the public, so there is no need to buy a ticket if you just want to come, bask in the atmosphere and throw some demo dice.  And wherever the Mantic minstrels wander, we all know new releases, event exclusives and special offers follow! New releases will be available for Vanguard, Kings of War, Deadzone and TerrainCrate, and there may be more on this yet!

Holy moly, I’m in!  When and where is it?

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March 2019 at Dark Sphere’s brand new megastore in Shepherd’s Bush. Parking is a 3 minute walk away and the venue is opposite Shepherd’s Bush overground and underground stations for those with a penchant for public transport.

Hang on a minute, that’s London.  I’m not made of money!?

And neither do you need to be!  Ticket prices have been kept very reasonable (and the Early Bird offer turns ‘reasonable’ into a ludicrously good deal!), lunches are provided, parking is cheap, and local places to stay are less than I’ve paid for in Stockport.  The Event Pack has all the info and a full list of accommodation options, from cheap as chips (£15 per night!) all the way up to posh, swanky places that have more stars than a party at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house.

So what are the ticket options?

There are four ticket types available for purchase:

Early Bird

(Until 30th November)

£35 The same as the Full Weekend ticket, and also includes your choice of *any* new DreadBall team, *any*  Warpath vehicle or *any*  Deadzone Starter box (RRP £24.99)!  Selection is available during the ticket purchasing process.  Entry into one Saturday Daytime event, the Dreadball tournament and one Sunday Daytime event.  Lunches provided both days.
Full Weekend £35 Entry into one Saturday Daytime event, the DreadBall tournament and one Sunday Daytime event.  Lunches provided both days.
Single Day £20 Entry into one of the Daytime events on either Saturday or Sunday.  Lunch provided.
DreadBall £10 Entry into the DreadBall tournament only.

Hot diggity, I’ll see you there!

Sounds good!  See you in March!

Don’t forget the Early Bird offer only runs until Friday 30th November, so don’t miss out!  For more information, feel free to peruse the Mantic FrantiCon 2019 Event Pack.  If you have any questions, ask away on the official Facebook Event Page.  For tickets, purchase here!

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