What's next on the workbench?

What’s next on the workbench?

I’m coming towards the end of the Knights of the Sky 1917 model building project, with the two Esci Nieuport 17s assembled and being painted this weekend and the Airfix Roland CIIs just needing decals to be finished. I’ll be glad to see the back of these, to be honest, as it was only supposed to be a January project and it’s run over time.

I’m now a bit adrift, in terms of my next project and in danger of the dreaded doldrums if I’m not careful. The 15mm Picts rebasing and painting would pass the time but it’s not inspiring me that much, while the Red Actions Freikorps would be quite a lot to bite off and chew in the time I’ve got up to Easter. 

One thing I could do is have a go at some 1/2400th Tumbling Dice ships for Mad for War, which I could nibble away at over the next four weeks or so. I’ve been reading the ‚how to‘ on the League of Augsburg blog and quite fancy having a go at a French privateer squadron, as described in the Mad for War rule book.


This would also give me time to finish off some things that have been hanging about, including the 1/2400th Argentinian pre-dreadnoughts and the 1/600th Battle of Britain RAF and Luftwaffe fighter squadrons. I could even paint a couple of 28mm figures for A Fistful of Lead, who knows? 

I think a mix and match of things is the way to go to avoid getting bogged down in another big project, with the inevitable over runs and log jams. I’ve got the weekend to mull it over but I think I’ll just pick up something to do that won’t take too long to complete and will tick off some things on my ‚to do‘ list at the same time.

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