Wings Over Suez

Wings Over Suez


I wanted to do at least one Wings at War project this year, or even finish off one that I’ve started, but I’ve got too much to do already with the Red Actions! AFSR army, the 2mm English Civil War project and the Napoleonic naval fleets. However, looking forward to next year, I’m going to have a crack at Wings over Suez. I’ve already got some models for this but to keep it simple I’m only going to do a Fleet Air Arm and Egyptian focus, limiting the number of aircraft to about six to eight of each main type. The terrain for Wings over Suez also only involves some ground targets, which I can easily make using Brigade Models buildings. The main reason for doing this project, however, is so that I can actually use the very nice desert aerial mat I got for my birthday this year, so far gathering dust and being seriously under deployed. Just don’t hold your breath!

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