Work-in-Progress Wednesday - 17 April 2024

Work-in-Progress Wednesday – 17 April 2024

 This past Saturday I picked up the latest Warhammer Underworlds core box – WINTERMAW!

Warhammer Underworld: Wintermaw

All the core boxes! 

Currently the first box from each setting holds the counters from that setting (Shadespire, Beastgrave, Harrowdeep, Gnarlwood, Deathgorge). The second box hold all the boards from the setting (Nightvault, Direchasm, Nethermaze, Wyrdhollow, Wintermaw). I could probably consolodate these bits into fewer boxes… but I kind of like the look of all of them! 

(I also picked up the first Two-Player Starter a few years back, but I threw that box out and just stored the boards and counters with the other Shadespire/Nightvault stuff…)

This was disappointing… found a stray bit roaming in the box. it’s one of the Skinnerkin heads, unfortunately it wasn’t a clean break – some of her hair is still attached to the sprue… Uggggghhhh… this is the THIRD TIME this year that something like this has happened. Zondara had part of her hair broken off… but I managed to glue it back – I hope it holds! 

One of Skabbik’s Plaguepack had a knife broken off… 

I had to replace the whole hand – because trying to just add a replacement blade would have been tricky and probably would have just broken off again… The hand and blade were just bigger… but skaven often mutate, so… 

I’m just getting tired of having to spend extra time fixing things because GW can’t figure out how to pack their spindly little miniatures in such a way that they won’t break in the process of putting them in the box or transporting the box or removing them from the box. (and I am VERY CAREFUL when removing them!!) 

It seems like ever MORE of a hassle to complain and have new parts sent!?

Strangely… I haven’t even assembled EITHER of the new warbands (which I almost ALWAYS do!?) 

Anyway… here’s what I’ve got on my desk that I’m working on… 

Zarbag’s Gitz… 

I thought for sure I’d be done these last week… so much for a warband a week!?


They are very close as well… Maybe I’ll finish up BOTH later in the week….?

I’ve also done some work on a few of the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City protagonists

And some of the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City antagonists.

Even did a little bit of work on a few of the minis from one of the other Warhammer Quest games… Silver Tower…? I think…?

I grabbed out the two Skaven as there are only two of them and I’m working on two other plastic Skaven warbands, so I thought I’d work these up along with them. The Grot-thing… there are a few more of those, but since I was working on Zarbag’s, I though I’d do this along with them as a test mini. They seem like they’ll be pretty quick to knock out and there aren’t many of them, so I may grab the rest to keep on the desk as a sidequest mini… 

The two Skaven warbands… not sure if I DID any work on these this week… but they’re next up after the gobbos and squigs, so… 

I actually did a bit of work on this guy, which I honestly thought I might NEVER do… There really isn’t a lot to it, colour-wise… and it’s just the one… so I figured if I’m working with a colour that this guy needs (and I remember it’s there!?)

I got a little distracted with starting a re-basing project!? My small contingent of Khorne Daemons were all initially put on 40K Sector Imperialis bases… and… they just look really out of place playing in fantasy settings… So I tried making more generic ruins so they wouldn’t look too out of place in either setting… 

So far I’ve (mostly) finished up this guy… Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne. One of the two leaders I have for the force. 

and got this one on a new base and primed said base… Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance. The other leader I have for the force!  

Still working on these… that aren’t even fully painted (part of this push was to finish THESE up and then ALL the Khorne Daemons I have will be finished!!) 

I have a full unit of Bloodletters I’d have to do, and PILES of Flesh Hounds… So I should probably shelve it and get back to working on Warhammer Underworlds warbands.

Part of this was due to all the talk about the new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. I recalled the fun I’d had playing their little Paths to Glory campaign. With this new edition there will be free downloadable indexes, so I could play all sorts of small-ish skirmish games with…. well… ANY of the Age of Sigmar stuff.. 

I did like that Paths to Glory system, it was pretty slick. 

(I also have a LOT of Daemons of Slaanesh yet to paint, that I’ve been eyeing up lately!!) 

I wonder if I got some of the Daughters of Khaine painted up if Amanda would be interested in trying that out? 

What’s everyone else working on this week?!

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