World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules - The Semi Finals

World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules – The Semi Finals


OK here we go again, it’s Semi Finals time and the first one sets the 2 remaining WW2 Rules in the competition against each other, it’s O Group vs Chain of Command. 

O Group is relatively new to the scene but has generated a dedicated set of players who enjoy the set immensely. It’s been a long journey to the Semis making its way through a tough 1st Round against Crossfire, then defeating the old school Behemoth WRG Ancients in Rd 2. A classic scrap in the QFs was won against For King and Parliament.

Chain of Command has proved hugely popular since its introduction and is the go to skirmish level game for WW2. The last seeded rule set in the competition it saw off Mortem et Gloriam in Round 2 before beating General de Armee (another Dave Brown set) in the Quarters.

Are you Team Brown or Team Clarke, time to decide and get voting below

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