Xenos Rampant - Daemons of Sidon IX

Xenos Rampant – Daemons of Sidon IX

 Other Tim popped around Tuesday evening to have a go at Xenos Rampant. 

Initially I thought he was bringing his Emperor’s Brethern Space Marines, and I had initially thought I’d roll out the Chaos Space Marines… but that seemed boring. I figured an asymetical battle might be more interesting – xenomorphs vs heavily armoured marines… I didn’t have enough tyrnids/Genestealers/Generic Bug Aliens, but I DID have a bunch of Daemons! So, I cooked up a bit of background fluff and a scenario that seemed like it might be fun.

Then he brought Eldar…


There has been a great disturbance in the warp. 

Astropaths working for Inquisitor Marnie McGuffin of the Ordo Malleus, have detected a warp anomaly on Sidon IX. It is entirely likely that local heretics, performing dark rituals, have opened a gate in the fabric of reality and daemons of the warp may very well be pouring into realspace and corrupting the planet rich with valuable resources. 

A Strike Cruiser of Emperor’s Brethern Space Marines are in the vicinity – just a short warp jump away. Less ideal than the Grey Knights for investigating such a disturbance, they are the closest Marine detachment, by far and time is of the essence. The Inquisitor has despatched them to investigate the anomaly.  

Farseers of the Unixos Craftworld have detected a warp anomaly on Sidon IX. It is  likely that local Mon-kee, performing dark rituals, have opened a gate in the fabric of reality and daemons of the warp may very well be pouring into realspace and corrupting the planet rich with valuable resources. 

A Strike Craft with a Host of Aspect Warriors was despatched to Sidon IX to investigate and, ideally, deal with whatever they found. 


We played Scenerio Echo: Orbital Drop – straight out of the Xenos Rampant book.   

There was a target locale at the center of the table that the Attacking Marines Eldar need to solely control at the end of the game. Deployment for the attackers was determined randomly at six landing zones spread out across the table. 


Emperor’s Brethren Detachment 

Unixos Eldar Craft World War Host 

Autarch and Striking Scorpions – Heavy Infantry (@2), Incread Unit Size (+2), Assault Doctrine (+2), Close Quarters Doctrine (-1), Infiulltrators (+1) = 6AP

Dire Avengers – Light Infantry (@1), Armour-Piercing (+1) = 2AP

Falcon – Transport vehicle (@4), Skimmer (+1), Armour-Piercing (+1) = 6AP

Jet Bikes – Light Infantry (@1), Increased Unit Size (+2), Reduced Model Unit, Mobile (+1), Undisciplined (-1), Heavy Weapon (+2), Armour-Piercing (+1) = 6AP

RAngers – Recon Infantry (@2), Sniper Team (+2) = 4AP

Daemons of Khorne

Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne – Leader (Aggressive) – Berserk Infantry (@2), Single Model Unit, Increased Squad Size (+1), Demonic (+0), Unarmed (-1), Heavy Armour (+2), High-Powered Blades (+1) = 5AP

Bloodletters – Berserk Infantry (@2), Increased Squad Size (+1), Demonic (+0), Unarmed (-1) = 2 AP 

Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance – Greater Xenomorph (@4), Single Model Unit, Demonic (+0), High-Powered Blades (+1) = 5AP 

Flesh Hounds – Lesser Xenomorph (@2), Reduced Model Unit, Swarm (+2), Demonic (+0) = 4AP

Flesh Hounds – Lesser Xenomorph (@2), Reduced Model Unit, Swarm (+2), Demonic (+0) = 4AP

Flesh Hounds – Lesser Xenomorph (@2), Reduced Model Unit, Swarm (+2), Demonic (+0) = 4AP

Because I was playing Khorne, I was sure to wear my MAGA Hat: Make Angron Great Again! 


Daemons of Khorne, running rampant in the ruins of this small industrial town. 

The Bloodmaster watches over the portal through which it expects more daemons to join them! 

The first to drop was the Falcon grav tank…

Games Workshop has gotten very clear on the differences of within or WHOLLY within. The scenario said the unit has to be set up WITHIN 6″ of the marker (that little barrel with a Zombie coming out of it), Other Tim took this to mean „at least part of the unit must be within“… which is what GW defines as „Within“ (if at least part of the unit is within). I feel like the meaning was what GW calls WHOLLY WHITHIN – i.e. all parts of the unit must be set up within… but whatevs… it came back to bite him in the ass the next turn. 

The reason for setting up here was to not be within Wild Charge range of those Bloodletters and getting a chance to shoot them at least once before they charged. with Armour of 5, I’m not sure he had that much to worry about… buuuut… 

The autarch and his host of Striking Scorpions landed in another corner of the table. 

The Rangers landed within charge range of the Flesh Hounds which did indeed charge, and utterly shredded the unit!? 

Bloodletters come out to play. I don’t think he even got a shot off in the end, because he tried to activate the Jet Bikes and Failed… ending his turn. So I went again and these Bloodletters charged and dealt it enough hits to lose a Strength point… and they are FEARSOME, so the tank failed Courage and had to retreat… off the table… 

Flesh Hound poking its nose around the corner sniffing out it’s prey. 

Karanak went after the Jet Bikes and leapt into the air swatting one down. It pounced on the rider and tore them to shreds! The bikes did get in some shots and injured the Beast of Vengeance… but the Beast slaughtered a few more the rest flew away (off the table). 

Flesh Hounds charged the Striking Scorpions and their Autarch. Every time, tearing limbs and slashing arteries. 

With the Tank out of the way, other Flesh Hounds Charged the Dire Avengers. Those not killed in the initial assault fled away off the table! 

There was a bit of back and forth between the Striking Scorpions and the Flesh Hounds. 

Things were starting to look bad for the initial pack of Flesh Hounds that had attacked the Striking Scorpions… 

But then the other pack arrived… (that had killed the Rangers) 

and then the OTHER other pack arrived…. (that had driven off the Dire Avengers) 

Soon it was just the Autarch, trying their best to hold back the tide and allow their wounded warriors the chance to slink away into the shadows – to hopefully regroup and plan a better method of attack! 

So that was Xeno Rampant. 

I like it. 

I like all of Dan Mersey’s rules. I kind of wondered how this one might work with all it’s little tweaks and changes, but this played out very fast. I was worried it might – with Heavy infantry fighting heavy infantry, it might get drawn out into a protracted shooting match where no one was able to take out any of the enemy… Part of the reason I went with Xenos and Berserk infantry – figuring an asymmetrical battle would go one way or the other quickly! I did NOT expect it to go SO poorly, SO quickly for Other Tim’s troops! (he did have a few abysmal activation rolls…) 

I am keen to try it out again with other eras. Modern, Wierd Wars, post-apocalyptic or zombies (it’s been a LONG time since I played a game with ZOMBIES!!).   

It’s kind of also got me thinking about Other Dan Mersey games again – Dragon Rampant, especially… 

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