Yet Another Cunning Plan!

Yet Another Cunning Plan!

I woke up this morning with yet another ‚cunning plan‘, which popped into my head from out of the blue. I’ve had a copy of Neil Thomas‘ book One Hour Wargames for a few months but haven’t done anything with it. It’s ideal for a quick weekend project and thereafter for pick-up games requiring very little preparation, the numerous scenarios providing plenty of inspiration and the terrain being a basic 3′ x 3′ with a few features plonked on top. 

The plan is also very simple. 

Using the cheap and cheerful Warlord Epic ACW sprues, one of each for the Union and Confederates, together with my very under-utilised hexon terrain tiles and a selection of easily scratch-built terrain and MDF  buildings, I can have a One Hour Wargames American Civil War set up in no time at all on a very tight budget. I already have the hexon and have ordered some figure sprues from an eBay seller for £20 for four, which is more than enough for two armies. I will have four guns, plenty of infantry bases for six units and skirmishers using one figure strip per base. 

I can order some snake rail fencing from Pendraken or Blotz and I’m on the lookout for some inexpensive mdf or resin buildings. Some stone walled fields can easily be made using mdf terrain templates and I can also scratch-build some woodland using the same DIY approach. I can even have a railroad using some N gauge track that I already have somewhere in the shed. Not only will the terrain look good, assuming I spend a bit of time on it, but it will also be portable and flexible enough to be adapted to the scenarios in the book.

….all I need now is a long weekend with no other projects on the workbench!

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