Zombieland meets Countryfile – Part 1

A cracking zombie outing and something a little different for this weeks midweek game, two teams of survivors seeking out supplies of food, water and a safe place to rest.
The setting our own backyard and the village of Stoulton in Worcestershire.

Background and Timeline.

African states have the largest outbreak of Ebola ever seen.
Top medical consultants around the world advise Governments to close their borders and ground all aircraft.
Governments refuse due to the economic situation, fearing a fall back towards the market crashes in recent years.
Governments push through untested drug trials designed to stop the Ebola outbreak.
Initially the trials worked and patients began to recover. After 48 hours of starting the treatment a minority of patients began suffering from total organ failure resulting in death.
Once dead the body would appear to re animate with a lust for human flesh. 
The epidemic quickly spread with International flights easily spreading the infected to all corners of the earth.
The United Kingdom, like other Western Countries, quickly became over run by the walking dead. Society quickly broke down starting in major cities around the Country.
London and Manchester were the first cities to fall and all communication was lost. 
The Government was abolished with those few members surviving going underground to safe zones believed to be old cold war bunkers.
Small communities have survived by retreating behind walled towns or hamlets.
The few that remain face a day to day uphill struggle to survive.

All major populated areas have as best that you can tell been over run by the undead.
Worcester can be seen from the distance and appears to be burning, big thick plumes of smoke billow out from that direction.
It is believed that the undead horde will be at its worst in the cities.

As law and order breakdown different factions look to carve out a safe place to survive the outbreak. Heading into the less populated areas a detachment of Police head into the village outskirts. Meanwhile a biker gang coming out of Birmingham approach the village from the North.

A mean looking bunch armed with clubs, crowbars and a loose collection of firearms. The roar of the engine of the GT brings the dead shambling forwards. The perfect start for a day in the country.

Meanwhile after quietly entering the village the boom of the shotgun blasts brings the dead to the fence line, their fingers clawed at the wooden fence seeking human flesh.

Having escaped the clutches of the dead the PC’s ran down the road towards the petrol station looking to grab a car or dive into a building. The dead start to fill the street.

What a time to lose your initiative :-(.
Swamped by walkers, shotgun blasts and swinging batons brought more of the dead out of the their dark corners. Will they survive stay tuned for Part 2.

A great game and looking forward to seeing if the PC’s can survive the rising dead.

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