<div>Almansa 1707 - Spanish - Rufo's Brigade 2mm</div>

Almansa 1707 – Spanish – Rufo’s Brigade 2mm


The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is well and truly over, Its know time for the lull in proceedings, which always seems to happen when the Challenge finishes, BUT, I still have a few brigades to finish off to complete my Almansa project……..
I have believe it or not been busy and got a few brigade’s nearly finished but Rufo’s (sometimes written as Ruso’s) completed. Their position on the battlefield, can be seen in the pic above squared in blue.

Its only a small brigade of 6 squadrons of Spanish Horse.
The 2 units that comprise the brigade are…
Milan in white and Grenada Nuevo in blue.

Once again the flags are generic NYW period flags, but I think they fit in well.

This flag is actually an Infantry flag, but I ran out of cavalry flags and cut these down to fit.
Rufo’s brigade fought in the second line of the left wing under Lt General Abre.

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