Arabs 15mm dark age new pictures remastered camels and command

Arabs 15mm dark age new pictures remastered camels and command

The Isarus range (originally the 1980’s Tabletop Games 15mm Range) of dark age and ancient historical miniatures contains many armies in 15mm scale.  Selucid, Sarmation, Blemye, Goth, Hun, Mongol, Viking, Saxon plus Byzantine and the Late Roman.  

Excellently affordable single castings of infantry and cavalry plus small command sets, elephants and artillery.  We have re-mastered several Arab codes in the range and have new better pictures of all the Arab codes. Go HERE for the range.

Winter Mega Event 2021 is on until 3rd December.  20% off all orders at checkout automatically, 30 new releases (almost daily reveal across November), deals and offers plus free Cadaver Monster (multi-scale use worth 6.00GBP) in every package shipped.  Read in full on our BLOG or go to the WEBSITE.  Thank you and enjoy the following news.

There are eleven poses of infantry including command, sword, archer, spear and slinger.

Fifteen poses of cavalry including three pose command, two camels and armoured horses and riders.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy these newly updated classic figures.


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