Attack of the Drones!

Attack of the Drones!

A snowy, headachey,  stay in my PJs because I might be fighting a cold, sort of day today. Which meant I could have a solo game of Xenos Rampant while Mrs. Rabbitman read a mystery book.

A few objectives with this game. Try out new terrain pieces. Try out new drone units. Try out tank rules.

My OPA force mustered 33 points.

1x heavy infantry team (with commander)

2x heavy infantry with anti-tank 

1x support team 

3x local force OPA light infantry with Special Insertion 

2x drone swarms, Lesser Xenos with Mechanoid, Skimmer and heavy weapons

Kopeng ere belék, OPA insurgents 

My Martian infantry sections are organized into 2x 5 man fireteams per section. A Team is just rifles, UGLs, and SAWs. B Team has a shoulder fired rocket launcher for heavy support. 
So 3x sections. 1 section has the Commander with Fire Support
Also included are 2 tanks. Big MBT has Artillery, because I think that massive rail gun should get 48″ range.
Small LAV is light armour and anti-personnel specialist because of the smaller gun.

9 platoon, 3rd Martian Marine Infantry 

The objective, secure the crashed transport 

OPA won the die roll to pick deployment area. Each side set up within 12″ of opposite corners. 

Armour leading, infantry deployed 2 up 1 back. 

The Local Force OPA stayed off table, hoping to use the Special Insertion later. Drones on the flanks.

Drones maneuver to engage Martian armour

So many failed activation rolls! Martian advance getting spread out. 

LAV secures left flank

Drones skirmish with LAV 

Local force OPA arrive beside objective and get shot up for their troubles 

Martians secure crash site but take fire from drones and local force team

LAV moves and shoots, blasting OPA team threatening the objective 

Martian fire team rallies and the objective is still secure 

As the clock ran out (rolled a 6 on turn 8!) the Martians had a good hold on the objective with 2 teams plus more of their force close enough to give fire support. The OPA had lost their drones and 2x teams and the rest of the force was too far back (or still off table!) and scattered to seriously threaten the Martians. 

MMC should have put their command team up front to use the +1 bonus and that expensive Fire Support option. 

Belters should have deployed the local force OPA on table and used their free move to rush forward with the drones. I should give the drones Anti-tank too, if the Martians are going to have armoured support.

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