Bag the Hun Character Record Sheets

I had a go at creating a Bag the Hun aircraft record sheet for one of the characters in the S-Boat Strike scenario that I’ll be working on, once the Bogeys Over Berlin play test is out of the way. I chose the Staffelkapitan and first Schwarm Leader of 9./JG2, Leutnant Josef ‚Sepp‘ Wurmheller, as he will be the Top Ace in the scenario and will lead not only his schwarm but the whole 9./JG2 formation. This was partly a test of how I could fit it all onto the record sheets that I’ve designed but also an exercise on formatting the relevant sections of the sheet, so that the information was clearly presented.
I couldn’t fit his awards into the relevant box, as he had by this time gained the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, but other than that it all worked out okay. I’m wondering if I’ll need to tweak the layout and design a bit after the Bogeys over Berlin play test, so for the moment I won’t laminate the record sheets for that and will only print them in a draft format for the game in a couple of weeks time?

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