Batman Miniature Game AAR – Bane vs Suicide Squad

Waller´s orders this evening were clear. Project X should get their hands on a Venom probe. Get in, steal the venom and get out with it again. A quiet simple plan disregarding the fact that Bane and his mercenaries were the ones defending the Venom… But its “Suicide Squad” for a reason.

Its been a while since I last played Batman Miniatrure Game (or BMG from now on) and since Knight Models dropped the 2nd edition shortly we thought about getting back in the game and write an aar.

We decidet to go with a reputation value of 300 and not using any strategies to get back in the game easy.

The Crews:


Turn 1:

Agile as she is Katana took the lead and ran to a high wall leading into a idustrial complex. She could see the enemy moving in a close group towards her position. Brutal looking mercenaries armed with close combat weapons. She smiled, her sword will be taking another soul soon. Covering her back Killer Crock moved up the street. Of all the criminals in this squad at least she got the quiet one. On the other side Slipknot moved towards the Venom container while Bane and two of his guys armed with firearms formed up at a street corner next to him. Cpt. Boomerang followed the most unknown guy towards the mission objective. But kept some distance. In case the enemy should attack he will aid this … Slipstream, was that his name? In the meantime Floyt Lawton moved up to a small ammo supply in the middle, securing the perimeter and scanning the street for targets.

Turn 2:

Katana now ran towards the nearest mission objective. She could not care less for the criminals accompaning her but they are lethal for the mission and she knows what could happened if they fail to accomplish their tasks. Seeing the mercenaries moving to the industrial building she made herself ready for combat. Killer Crock got some trouble in keeping up with her. This sneaky female human is way to fast for him. On the other side Slipknot is now in real trouble. Bane made a decision that day. If these guys really want to get his Venom they have to took it from his dead hands. He ordered his mercenaries to shoot down the fast guy nearest to the Venom dose. One bullet got him but not a lethal hit. Does he have to do everything on his own?! He ran towards his enemy and confronted him with his two fists. “I dont´t even want to know your name. You are just the guy who will die first!” He grabbed Slipknots head and smashed him on the ground. No time to react. “K.O! Thats how its done you useless bastards!” He commented the mediocre skills of his mercenaries. “Holy shit!” Cpt. Boomerang saw the takedown of his fellow  and normally he would spectate from a rather secure distance. The decision however to confront him in close combat could have multiple reasons. On the one hand taking out the boss on his own would give him a much better reputation. On the other hand that beer he drank while watching the fight was not his first one. He throw the empty beer can against Banes head. “Oi, ya big basterd! Don´t dare you to kill my friend Slipshot!” (was that his name, ah who cares). The following close combat was not as spectacular as Banes but really brave… or really stupid. Bane shrug of most of the hits taken by the sharp boomerangs. Deadshot meanwhile found a target and opened fire upon one of Banes mercenaries. The bullets all just hit some wooden crates which got commented by dirty laughter from the mercenaries.

Turn 3:

“I will break you!” Banes wrath hits Cpt. Boomerang with brute force. The experimantel drugs taken by the already tough guy leading to an intense beating and finally the death of the Suicide Squad member. Keeping some distance from their enraged boss the mercenaries moving towards the position of Deadshot. Lawtons quiet ammonition consuming combat style combined with his bad luck that day missing all targets with his two weapons (hu…missed…) made him an easy target for banes mercenaries. They surround him teaming up to beat the shit out of Deadshot. Meanwile Katana confronted the last enemy on her flank striking with precise but less lethal blows. The death came by the amphibious creature which tore the mercenary apart like a wild animal. First blood for the Suicide Squad but not enough efford to save the day.

Turn 4:

Surrounding the now pretty helpless Deadpool Bane´s mercenarys closing in to beat the shit out of him. He managed to knock out Smash but the remaining squad menbers came to late to aid him. He hit the ground right as Killer Crock and Katana reach the szene.

Turn 5:

Since the attantion of the battle was now drawn to the middle of the field Bane thought that he can at least try to take out another of those creeps. Reaching the crossroad he already could see his guys fighting a girl and  ugly crocodile dundee. “Let them pay for what they did. Teach them a damn good lesson guys!” Two of his mercenerys teamned up against crock killing him in a desperate fight. As the last man standing Katana retreated to report to Waller, a fatal loss in combat.

The Suicide Squad again honored their name…

For those of you interested my friend fielding the Bane crew wrote a little in debth guide on how he created the crew and why.

So Bane…but why Bane?

At first it is the Fluff. I am neither the guy to Play crazy, face-painted lunactics in purple suites nor I like to Play the goog guys. I like to be evil. Cold, efficient, evil.
My eyes fell upon the league of Shadows at first. I loved Liam Neeson as Ras al’Ghul and I allways liked the Dynamics between Ras and Batman as well as Talia and Batman. Kinda enemies, kinda Family. (I allready own the appropriate Miniatures for LoS.)
But at the time we decided to give BMG a try I was once again playing the Arkham Video Games, this time chronological by Content. I very much liked Bane in Arkham Origins: tough, inteligent and strategical – these are Banes traits and these are very well reflected by his Rules and his Crew. Additionally I liked the paramilitaric Fluff and optic of the Bane Crew because I like to play Historical Tabletop.
What I also like is how the Bane Crew Plays at the Tabletop. They look a Little awkward at first: too expensive for playing mass, to weak for playing just a few heavy hitters. But after diving a little into the Rules one can see why: these dudes are flexible, versatile and well balanced. They can shoot, fight and quickly respond to any tactical changes during the game. But of Course there is a drawback as well. The Henchmen are expensive and unique. You cannot afford to sacrifice them. This increases the tactical and strategical requirements when playing Bane. You got a tool box but you Need to learn how to use the right tool at the right time. Playing Bane is like playing chess without pawns.
So if you like to take out your Opponent by cutting him with a scalpel, reducing his options cut by cut untill he has no Options laft and then breaking him give the Bane Crew a try. Led by either Arkham Origins Bane or Dark Knight Rises Bane and supported by his Second in Command Bird you have a hard hitting and quick responding Strike Force at your Hands that can overcome any obstacle in ist path. Just break them!

If you are still reading through this you might wonder how a Crew is build. So let us do this:
First we decided the size of our Game being 300 Reputation and therefor 1000$. BMG uses a Primary Resource (Rep) and a Secondary Resource (Funds) as it is well known to be used by Infinity (Pts/SWC) as well. With your Rep you are attracting specific Henchmen to your Crew while your Funds will be used for their Equipment. Here you will have to make your first choice: who will be in Charge? Bane as well as Bird are relatively expensive. In games with up to 200 Rep I prefer to just use Bird as my Leader, at 250 Rep I only use Bane (AO/DKR) and at 300+ Rep I use both. That way I can assure to have enought Henchmen to grab Objectives because that is what this Game is about.
So which Bane? I will go with AO Bane for his great strategical Options. I decided to put Military Progress on him to give him the Veteran Special Rule. This allows Bane to reallocate 2 Action Counter when being activated. A strong Special Rule that any Model in my Crew will have. To this Bane adds Scheming/2 which allows him to hold back up to 2 Models when assigning Action Counters to your Crew untill your Opponent has assigned his. That increases your Options in responding to your Opponents Plans. Of Course Bane can fight as well but DKR Bane is a much more agressive Version. AO Bane’s strength is the added tactical Depth. As a Leader he can use Inspire as well making him an incredibly valuable supporter.
Same goes to my Sidekick: Bird. With Military Tradition he increases the mobility of all Veterans in your Crew and I will also give him the Venom Applicator letting him infuse Bane’s famous combat drugs to Models in Base to Base Contact. Additionally he got One of the Boys so he can use Let’s go like he is a Henchman enabling to use him during chain activations. Very strong. I did build him to a supporter but you can also build him to a mobile Objective Grabber by giving him a graple Gun and usin it and his Climbing rope. Of Course he is a Veteran as well.
All Henchmen do have Bulletproof Vests increasing there durability and are Veterans. That is the true strength of the Bane Crew: everybody can react to any changes instantly.
On the range weapons side I Chose to use Ted Hunter because of the good Damage Value of his shotgun and the Medium Range. Tagging along is Clover. With his RoF 3 gun and +1 RoF due to Rapid Fire he can dish out up to 8 damage per Activation. He loves to secure Ammo Crates (a Type of Objective).
Next up is Smash. His big hammer allready provides him with a high damage potential and then you give him Titan through Bird’s Applicator. With Titan in his Veins Smash constantly K.O.’s Characters in one single blood bath leaving them to be finished off by others. Opponents will fear him pretty fast so you need to protect him espacially well by hiding him or using Bird’s Smoke Grenade. The finishing-off dudes are McGregor and Cuchillo.
McGregor is typically the man who finishes Smash’s work. With Weapon Master and his Machete he is capable of killing Henchmen as well but for piece trading Smash is the better Option (Smash can even kill weak Leaders and most Sidekicks with Titan). But of Course you should not go to much for Piece trading: your Henchmen are expensive and unique. Last but not least is Cuchillo. With Sneak Attack and Stealth he can kill a Henchmen or two (it is better not to depend on it) but his Gem Special Rule is Tireless. This guy can move up to 16″ a Turn (using Tireless and Bird’s Special Rule). I gave him a Backpack to complement this. The plan with him is easy: go in, get Loot, grab another Objective, double score with one Model. As your Crew Member Count is relatively low you Need to be effective to compensate for that.

So finally, here Comes the Crew:
AO Bane + Military Progress
Bird + Venom Applicator
Ted Hunter
Cuchillo + Backpack
300 Rep/1000$





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