Building Medieval Docks #6

This is the bit I hate. Pouring the water….

The reason being that I have got used to using Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. This has the advantage that it’s a water based acrylic water effect that you just pour straight from the bottle. The problem being that it takes an age to dry and I keep messing with it.

Luckily the damage caused by messing can be fixed by pouring another layer, but at some point it has to actually be left to dry. I started pretty much straight after the last blog post and have poured several layers since then… messing with them whilst I go.

I’ve just poured the last layer and to make sure I don’t mess with it again I’m going away for the weekend. Ok…. Ok… I was going away anyway, but this will mean I won’t have the temptation of messing with the piece.

The cloudiness in the water will go when it’s dried.

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