Charity Shop Terrain Board

I dropped into the local charity shop this morning and spotted a canvas covered picture frame for a tenner. It has a pretty sturdy wooden sub-structure with a hardboard or mdf top, covered in a beige canvas with a square paper picture glued on top. It measures 32“ square, so not far off the standard three foot square skirmish game area. I got it home, stripped off as much of the paper picture as possible with a palette knife, sanded it down, glued the bits I’d scuffed up with PVA, then covered the surface with a skim of acrylic paste, dappled on and smeared around to give it some texture. It’s drying off now and will get a basecoat of emulsion paint to match the prototype desert cork board that I made last weekend. If it works and doesn’t warp, it will be my default terrain board for the Sandbox Skirmish project and other things as well.

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