Clash of Kings 2020 – Tickets on sale NOW!

Hey, Martin here!

Wow, what a weekend that was. Thanks to all attendees Clash of Kings 2019. Congratulations once again to Mario Murillo for his outstanding (and hard fought) win.

If you would like to watch some of the games (and can put up with Rob’s inane ramblings), the live streams are available on our YouTube channel. Also, if you want to see the results in full, head over to WarScore.

Clash of Kings 2019 was officially the biggest ever! We had 86 players from around the world (UK, Ireland, Norway, Italy, USA, Spain and France) all fighting it out to be crowned champion. And what a fitting send off to Kings of War: Second Edition.

However, with Third Edition fast approaching, we want to make Clash of Kings 2020 even BIGGER!


As mentioned on Saturday night I have been plotting ahead of time as I wanted to give everyone enough time to start making their plans for Clash 2020. With this in mind I am happy to confirm next year’s event will be at Firestorm Games in Cardiff and the tournament will be held over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of October 2020.

This weekend avoids the Cardiff Marathon and any other events that I can find on the calendar. I was aware that Clash has clashed with other things previously and to avoid Clash Clashing I wanted to get it booked early so you can all get travel and accommodation sorted well in advance. Have I said clash enough?!


Firestorm has guidance on where to stay including hotel and hostels – click here. There are of course lots of places to stay via airbnb etc. For our international guests or those wanting to take a flight, Cardiff Airport is only 30 minutes from the venue by car, so getting there is as easy as Ronnie losing his hat.


Along with the standard six fantastic games of Kings of War (probably no Kill next time though), we also want to make sure there are extra activities to keep you all entertained in the evening.

We’ve arranged with Firestorm to open until 11pm on the Saturday, plus the kitchen will be open until 9pm, so there’s no need to leave the venue for food. We will once again be holding a spoiler-filled and teaser heavy Kings of War keynote, featuring the enigmatic Ronnie Renton and quiet but powerful, Matt Gilbert.

Also – and I know this is why most of you actually attend the event – the Burman Pub Quiz will be making its spectacular return. Will he run out of Mantic-related questions? Can he cram in another Jurassic Park question? Only time will tell.

As if all this wasn’t already exciting enough, the goody bag will be packed with delicious things once again- with a value of over £50 (so your ticket is basically free). Look out for future posts for more details!

After numerous suggestions, we are looking to introduce a list submission closing date of around a week before the event next year. Again look out for further details in future blogs.

You can book your ticket here. Get involved ?



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