Corsairs and Cavaliers Update

I’ve nearly finished my conversion of Wings of War: Desert Spitfires into a set of rules for the Football War between El Salvador and Honduras in July 1969. The working title for this mash up is Corsairs and Cavaliers, which I think sums up the air war pretty well and has a nice ring about it too. I have now re-written the relevant bits of both the Movement rules (p4) and the Air to Air Gunfire rules (p6) to fit the Football War. The relevant modifications are contained in the two extracts below, although there are a few more edits elsewhere in the document too.
The amended Tight Turning Table
The Air to Air Gunfire modifications

This primarily involves factoring in the relative low and high level performance of the Corsairs and Mustangs. It also involves factoring in the various armament configurations of the various aircraft and, in particular, the unreliable cannons on the Honduran F4U-5N Corsairs, which regularly jammed due to a dodgy batch of British manufactured ammunition in ever so slightly the wrong calibre. I think I’ve managed to include both aspects in the re-write, in order to give the rules some conflict  specific focus.

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