Dragons in Sengoku Monster Hunter a free download

Last month Alternative Armies released the re-mastered DRG5 Ki-Shu Oriental Dragon and it went down well.  At the time we said there would be rules for their several scale suitable creature for Sengoku Monster Hunter the solo play game of Hunters in mythical Japan.  The time has arrived and author of the game Steve Danes has provided rules for putting an encounter with a Dragon in your adventurers.  Go HERE for all our free downloads or read on.
A powerful monster this encounter will be a challenge for most Hunters.
Dragons in Monster Hunter
A one page free article which fits into Sengoku Monster Hunter and Rampage.  CLICK HERE to download.  Dragons have a mist cloud and sometimes have gems in their hides as well as a deadly breath attack.  The article has an encounter token to cut out for your pile and a stats line for play.

You can find Ki-Shu along with the entire 15mm range for the game HERE on our website.  Monster Hunter can be played solo or with up to four players and has two books these being the core rules and the expansion called Rampage.  In print and twenty percent less as digital downloads.  There are over one hundred miniatures in the range as well as value sets.  The game is so varied and it is never the same twice.  There are other free files on the range page.
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