Elefant – Heavy support for my Germans

HQ company, 653. sPzJgAbt.

While playing a lot more Flames of War since V4 was released I decidet to ad a heavy tank destroyer to my germans. An Elefant. While these vehicles are heavily armed and armoured they are very point heavy and unreliable if you have to cross obstacles. But I like the somehow odd look of these beasts so I included one in my Panzergrenadier list.

I want to build one of the vehicles with the two-leaf rear hatch so I added some details using plastic sheets. Some additional detail on the top of the fighting compartment was added by cardboard and leftover plastic.

I painted the vehicle with colour modulation of VMC Middlestone and then added a camouflage pattern with VMC German Camo dark green and VMC German Camo med. Brown.

1750 pts, just two SdKfz 10/5 AA halftracks are missing

This week I will face a british tank company and I´m excited how the Elefant will perform. Maybe I can take some pictures of the event.

Stay tuned, cheers.


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