Finest Hour 27 Squadron Reserve Pilots

Finest Hour 27 Squadron Reserve Pilots

Here are the four reserve pilots for the Finest Hour campaign, who will be on standby for sorties when the pilots currently assigned to flying duties are not available.

Sergeant Pilot J. ‘Jock’ Fraser

Age 25. From Halifax, Nova Scotia. A drifter. Spent time as fisherman, lumberjack, construction worker and merchant sailor. Enlisted after jumping ship in October 1939. 27 Squadron is his first posting. Sprog.

Sergeant Pilot P.F. Jarvis

Age 23. From Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Former gamekeeper. Enlisted in September 1939. Selected for pilot training due to his marksmanship. 27 Squadron is his first posting. Sprog.

Pilot Officer H.K. Ramsay

Age 22. From Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. Draftsman in a shipwright drawing office. Enlisted in October 1939 alongside his brother, a navigator on Whitley bombers. 27 Squadron is his first posting. Sprog.

Flying Officer D.E. Hamilton

Age 30. From Bristol, Somerset. A pre-war regular RAF pilot. Enlisted in June 1932. A confident and able pilot. Did not take part in Battle of France due to pilot training duties in Scotland, from which he has just been transferred to 27 Squadron. No combat experience. Regular.

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