Fix Bayonets! Game Day

Spent the day at historic Fort Steilacoom near Puget Sound at the annual game day. Although games and attendance were a bit lighter than previous years a good time was had by all. I ran the First Battle of St Albans game using Lion Rampant in the morning session. The six players were great and enjoyed themselves. However, the object to capture King Henry VI was not achieved even though we played for about 3 hours. What I plan to do when I run it again at Enfilade! next year is to start the attackers a bit closer, as well as having less rough terrain for movement.

The Duke of York moving up along Sopwell Lane.
The Earl of Warwick leading a somewhat overly cautious advance between Sopwell and Shropshire Lanes.
View looking towards St Albans
The venue is the building on the left of the sign.
The building is Quarters 2, which is was Lieutenant Colonel Silas Casey’s.
The historical marker for the fort.
Napoleon Cannon at the fort, which according to the placards were used in the American Civil War.
American Rampant using Men Who Would Be Kings by Kevin S.
A cool game run by the host of the event, Lawrence B. The game was based on
Puget Sound Indian War 1855-56 using Brother Against Brother rules. I ran a „squad“ of Natives – twice – once before and once after I got them killed off.
First Nation guys lurking in the woods with US troops in skirmish line.
Canadian reinforcements.
Scott P’s ACW game using Regimental Fire and Fury.
A WW1 Naval game run in the two periods – I think my buddy Damond ran it.

There were several other games going on in the two (morning and afternoon period), but I failed to get pictures of them, as I was busy running a game in the first period, and played in the Puget Sound game in the afternoon. Finally, there was a Bring & Buy, and I managed to pick up a book for $5 – see below ūüôā

Amazing what you can find in someone else’s „trash.“

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