Flashpoint Taiwan Bases

I spent an hour or so this morning re-painting the hex bases of the Chinese PLAAF aircraft for the Target Locked On! Flashpoint:Taiwan project, so that they match with the ROCAF F-104 Starfighters. I like the shade that I’ve used, Vallejo Pale Grey Blue, as it is fairly neutral and will do for both sky and sea backgrounds, assuming most scenarios will be at relatively high altitude over the Straits of Taiwan. I’ve also started painting up four MiG-17’s for the PLAAF to fly against the F-86 Sabres that I need to finish off for the ROCAF. I’m hoping to run a game tomorrow using the first edition of the rules, as I have yet to print out the updated version, with a pair of F-104 Starfighters on CAP intercepting a pair of MiG-19’s. I’ll post a report once the dust has settled!

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