Flashpoint: Taiwan ROCAF Sabre Dogs

The success of the magnet basing storage experiment has pointed out the relative short fall in aircraft for the Taiwanese ROCAF, compared to the PLAAF line up, so I’ve decided to add some more 1/600th scale Tumbling Dice planes to beef things up a bit. I already have some F-100 Super Sabres and a couple of F-5A Freedom Fighters based and undercoated but these will now be supported by four more F-5A’s and four F-86D Sabre Dogs, which were used by the ROCAF as all weather interceptors before the F-104 Starfighters arrived. I love this fighter having built at least two of the old 1/72nd scale Airfix kits when I was a kid. I may also add some ground attack F-84 Thunderjets and an A-26 Invader, using the leftover models from the MiG Alley project, but I think I’ll have plenty to do with what I’ve already got.

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