Gaslands: Trackessories

Gaslands: Trackessories

More Gaslands spam from the chap who has only played one game of it!
As well as working on vehicles I’ve spent a bit of time this week adding some accessories for my games to add a bit of mayhem and chrome to our games.

Using some right angle styrene that I picked up from Arcane Scenery I built a dozen Czech hedgehogs. These were sprayed brown then painted rusty and stuck on a mix of 25mm and 30mm round bases. 
I think they’ll make a great chicane, or define other boundaries of the race area.

Included on the Implements of Carnage One and Implements of Carnage Two frames from North Star are a great set of accoutrements that make great markers to use as flags or loot in some of the scenarios or just general obstacles to litter the course with.

The IoC-2 frame also includes a dynamite equipped remote control car.

It’s a great little model, I’ll have to try it out in a game.

Martin is coming over on Sunday for a game, hopefully I’ll be able to litter the course with some of this junk!

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