Ghost Archipelago – Rope Bridge and Swamps.

After a bit of a clear out in the man cave, I came across several items tucked away in the cupboard of shame, odds and ends from long gone projects, loose change purchases from shows, because you have to buy something right?
Or simply ideas that just needed that spark of inspiration to push them up the painting queue.

After last weeks fun encounter and having rolled for the next encounter which involves bridges and boats, so I had the perfect excuse to get this aquarium bridge finished, which I picked up several years ago.

The legs were a little on the high side, if you saw off the main struts they make for perfect steps to get on to the bridge.

Not a bad purchase for £8.00 and the perfect setting for some challenging encounters in Ghost Archipelago or any other pulp type game.

Keeping up with the theme of finishing other items from the cupboard of shame I added some extra grass to these to marshes which were unopened from a last minute purchase back in November.
Three items down… Not a bad mornings work.

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