Goblin Scouts

As noted in earlier posts my Orcs are lacking in maneuver and firepower.

Some wolf riders and swarms of goblin skirmishers seemed to me to be the way to go to fill this gap. I was bemoaning the closure of Sergeant Major Miniatures and the Mad Padre’s and mine inability to get a last order in to a gaming friend at work. He says „I’ve got goblins. I could let you have some.“

So the next week he brings in a big bag of Moria goblins that had been given a basic 3-colour paint job and some sand. For 10 I picked out two 6-figure scout groups, going heavy on the Brian Froud style helmets because they amuse me. I also included two spear carrying goblins in each unit because of the scouts Frodo and Sam encounter in Mordor.

In an evening I finished the painting (especially covering the green skin!) and basing.

This I hope will give the Angmar side some more tactical options. Now I just need wolf riders.

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