Holiday Cheer and a Perry WotR Wine Cart

Feeling guilty when ordering just a few plastic WotR spare horses, I added the Water/Wine Cart set to the order. A couple of spare plastic figures to create a vignette – possibly a scene prior to, or after, a battle.

The wooden cup is made from Green Stuff.

Having thrown away the can of dried up Minwax stain, I used some old (almost 10 years old) Pledge Floor Wax mixed with some sepia ink for the wash. It worked okay, but I would definitely get another can of Minwax for larger projects.

I may add something to the rear of the vignette – maybe a dog or some weapons and/or shields.

Not sure what this piece would be used for in a game; maybe something to capture for victory points.

The pavise is painted up to represent the ragged staff of Warwick.

The barrel is cast from resin.

These are likely the last figures to be painting for 2017. No idea what the next project(s) could be, but don’t plan on adding anymore Wars of the Roses stuff as there are enough for the games they’re to be used in.

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