Interesting TV I have

Interesting TV I have „Binged“ recently

Some thing also that has been keeping away from blogging is a bit of intensive TV programme binging. Netflix and BBC iPlayer in particular: 

AI related (see below, a BBC Panorama classic IMHO): 
Are You Scared Yet Human: BBC iPlayer

And following on from that the BBC iPlayer recommended the following series called: „Can’t get you out of my Head“ which was a bit of a trippy all over the place journey .. sort of related to AI, historical events  of world politics and a dystopian view of the word, ultimately saying „don’t change things because you make things worse – make the best of what you have got“. I watched it al the way through just to see what sort of ending it came up with (see below, the headlines give you a gist of the confusing things that are going on .. and it is right, I cannot get the thoughts and images out of my head):

Finally I turned to the insanity of the Squid Games, despite what I considered a dodgy popularist theme (as in the kids liked it) and a very slow episode one .. I got hooked and (sadly) can recommend it (though not taking art in one). The eldest kid was slightly impressed that I guessed the ending (see below, it now has a fully fledged cult following):  

I am just waiting for the spin-off merchandise to make it to 28mm scale. Although the menacing „Pink Troopers“ are probably the more memorable iconic image you take away (see below, perfect for Halloween trick or treating): 

Back to some wargaming now. 

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