Irregular Miniatures - 6mm Teepees.

Irregular Miniatures – 6mm Teepees.

Wigwam, Lodge, Teepee, Tipi – who knew there were so many names….

With so many encounters based around the hunt for the elusive Sioux and Cheyenne, an Indian village is a must.

These from Irregular Miniatures and are great value at 88p each, I based them in clusters so they can be grouped together for a large village or smaller family groups. 

The main camp with a burnt out camp fire, is this yet an abandoned camp? 

The Chief’s lodge, I toyed with painting all of the Teepee’s with designs or colour but in the end opted for plain approach, perhaps the next batch?
The full village – But how many Indians are home.
With the village complete – Now for the Battle of Powder River March 1876…

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