Komars, Shershens and Romeos

I started on the 1/700th scale Skytrex models this afternoon, with a couple of Komar FAC (M) and a single Shershen FAC (G). These are pretty basic models and need quite a lot of sanding, cutting and trimming before they look okay, so I didn’t get more than these three assembled to start with. I did glue together a Hobby Boss Type 033 submarine, however, which was much less fiddly and easy to assemble, having only three parts. This will be a Romeo class submarine for my Soviet equipped flotilla, useful as a scenario prop or as a focus for a game of ‚cat and mouse‘ ASW.  The models have been temporarily tacked down to laser cut mdf bases for undercoating and then painting, with some more boats on the workbench for tomorrow.

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