Lethal Skies

This is a new(ish) set of card driven miniature modern air warfare rules, available from Wargames Vault and published by Talion Games. The rules and some sample aircraft, weapon and trait cards are available as Pay What You Want downloads, with additional cards available for $2.00 each. The system is designed for larger scale models on circular bases, the blurb suggesting 1/200th scale as an ideal size, although I would have thought that 1/144th scale would be the obvious choice. 
You need to buy a couple of the relevant aircraft profile cards, then the appropriate weapon cards and trait cards before you can play, so it could end up being an on-going cost if you want to use more than a handful of types. However, once you have the required downloads you can use them again and print multiple copies. I think it looks interesting, as I’ve always fancied some 1/144th scale jet combat using model kits, so I think I’ll download the core rules and some sample cards for a closer look:

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