LOTR Campaign #9 Out of the jaws of defeat....

LOTR Campaign #9 Out of the jaws of defeat….

A crunch battle on the approaches to the Gates of Moria.

For several turns both sides had faced each other knowing that whoever blinked, fought and lost would open up the gate way to either territory…. The Orc’s blinked first and advanced head long into the defending human forces.

The scenario is rolled and the forces of Rohan and Gondor have to pack up the wagon and escort it from the table before the Orc’s can break the line and capture or destroy the wagon….

Shielding the wagon was a collection of ruins which gave some vital cover but hindered any swift movement. True to form the Warg riders lead the advance seizing the high ground looking to flank the defenders. The Riders of Rohan charged forwards to counter the advance but were beaten back…. 

Standing in the Wargs way was a poorly trained militia unit, who hurdled together hiding behind their shield wall… The tricky Orc’s parted ranks and out poured berserkers.. dirty trick…..
What a shock for the attackers the militia not only stood, but defeated the attackers twice…… in a row…

Switching tactics the mass ranks of Urai kai advanced forwards, the light troops in the ruins were slowly been worn down by missile and magic fire… they would not stand if attacked by the dense mass of foot troops…..
More Berserkers rush into the ruins….. With the wagon still not moving the badly beaten Rohan scrambled to screen the wagon and escort.
The men of Gondor entered the fray to counter the approaching Orc’s…. It was now a race to the finish line as finally the wagon was packed and finally under way.
With a single Force Morale Point left the wagon is off… The alliance of men held on for a rare victory.
A bloody affair for both sides with each force losing around 25% of their starting force…. with two more rounds before reinforcements what would be left to take to the field???
Up next map moves…….

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