Medieval Lords and Ladies

Recently, due to renovation,  I´ve had to move my Workspace and my Collection. Whilst I was doing this, I looked through the numerous storage boxes  and realised I´ve painted quite a few bods, particually medieval ones and amongst them, quite a few medieval personalities, 88 in total.
Some of them I may have painted twice, ie; William Marshall as a participant at Bannockburn and as a Magna Carter Baron and  there´s probably a few who are missing as it takes a while to hunt through the Posts. For the same reason, I haven´t been able to link them all. 

Horribly, there are only three Females*, two of which are more or less based in Folklore. Terrible state of affairs seeing as there were so many influential and important female personalities in the period. I could blame the manufacturers for not producing any suitable bodettes but TBH, I could be a bit more inventive myself.
Anyway, here, for fun, an alphabetical (or as near as possible) list of the „named“, with links back to thier tiny painted Repros.

Aymer de Valence
Andrew Harclay
Aymer de la Zouch
Edmund de Mauley
Edward II
Giles de Argentine
Gilbert de Clare
Henry de Bohun
Hugh Despenser
Humphrey de Bohun
John de Engaigne 
John Grey
John Maltravers
Marmeduke de Tweng
Pain de Tiptoft
Robert Boynton
Robert de Vere 
Robert Fitzwalter
Rodger de Clifford
Roger Northburgh
Rodger Mortimer 
Thomas de Berkeley
Thomas  de Furnival 
Thomas Ercedekne
William Latimer
William Marshall 
William Pennington
William De Ridre
William de Vescy 


Alexander de Seton
Alexander de Fraser
Alexander Scrymeour
Bernard of Arbroath
Edward de Bruce
Gilbert de la Hay
James Douglas
John de Cameron
Robert II Kieth
Robert the Bruce
Maurice Abbot of Inchaffrey
Niel Campbell
Thomas Randolph
Walter Stewart
William de erth of Airth


Henry de Pinkeny
Piers de Chauvent

Magna Carter Barons 
Americ de Sancto Mauro
Eustace de Vescy
Hugh Bigod
John de Lacey 
John Fitzrobert
John Maltravers
Ranulph de Blundeville 
Richard de Percy
Rodger Bigod
Robert de Montfitchet
Robert de Vere
Saer de Quincy
Simon Langton
Stephen langton
William Hardell
William de Huntingfield
William de Lanvellei III
William Mallet


Friedrich von Befort.
Jean IV Compte de Harcourt 
Johann von Bolchen.
Robert VI de Harcourt
John de Botetour
Thomas de Hatfield

Balian of Ibelin
Christine de Pizan
Louis II de Male
Luther von Braunschweig
Jan Hus
Jan Zizka 
John of Glogow
John duns Scotus
Lady Godiva
Maid Marion
Peiter de Connick
Randulphos Brito
Richard the Lionheart
Robin Hood
Thomas de Burgh
William of Moerbeke
Wenceslaus I
William of Ockham

I´ll add to this list as and when another personality gets represented and, now that the Collection is more sorted in it´s new space, I´ll have to carry out an Audit to see more or less how many bods, bodettes and assorted paraphenalia I´ve actually got.

*I´m sure I´ve painted Joan dárc but I cant find her.

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