Mexican Revolution - Mud & Blood - Part 1

Mexican Revolution – Mud & Blood – Part 1

Over a cuppa the other week we chatted about games and periods that have had limited game time or in some case have simply never made the table.

The Mexican Civil War was a great example, my wargaming buddy started out his collection as a faction for the multiple western skirmish rules which got out of hand, but the whole force has never made the table…. So here goes.

A straight standup fight between the Federales & the Zaptistas using Too Fat Lardies – Mud & Blood Rules spread over a couple of days. 

The Objective hold the town and beat back the attackers.

The Zaptistas get an early break and rush forward securing several of the outbuildings and pushing forwards towards the Church in the centre of town.

On the Federale left a lone Police unit is one of a few units who had been able to make it far enough forwards with order to block the rebel advance.

Meanwhile on the right the Federales deploy their heavy machine gun covering the road in the far corner as infantry rush forwards.

The race is on and with the Federal Cavalry (ok British WW1 proxies) first to dismount and scale the wall they felt they had a slight advantage but who would be brave enough to pop their head up as there were a lot of Zaptista’s surrounding the Church.

The Zaptista’s massed in the opposing compound.

With Zaptista’s now starting to lap around the Federale flanks the seen is set for quite the bust up in the days ahead….

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