News on the overhaul of The Ion Age 28mm range

News on the overhaul of The Ion Age 28mm range

The Ion Age 28mm range. Over 220 miniatures 1991-2022.  Alternative Armies is overhauling imagery and sadly increasing prices (ten percent) as well as making all poses singles for the first time. Platoons, Packs, Singles.  We are just starting now.

IA001 through IA016 as well as IA075 to IA078 which are singles as well as in packs IB01,IB02,IB03,IB04 and IB20 each of four poses with a 5% saving built in.  Lastly IP01 Retained Lance (picture above) which is sixteen figures two of which are free.  Here are a few examples of the new single and pack pictures all of which are front, side and rear on their pages. 

Have a gander at the website. This overhaul will take many weeks to complete and will be followed by more new releases and restored original codes too. Original prices on the website will be honoured until that code is updated and new pictures put in.  

Thank you. 


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