Offensive Orcs for Orctober

Offensive Orcs for Orctober

Finishing some orcs seemed appropriate for Hallowe’en. The 2nd dozen of my order of 3d printed Orcs from Spain are done and ready to bash on the Mad Padre’s elves. Being equipped with assorted polearms I’m classing these boys as „Offensive Heavy Foot“ for Dragon Rampant.

Again they painted up fast as I let the ink wash do a lot of the work for me.

As I painted these I was again struck by the level of detail and the natural poses, which are both a strength and a curse.

Better angle on some shields

With this second mob I used a burnt umber brown ink wash to give me a darker skin tone. I also splashed it over their grey tunics, so the brown ink pulled a mossy greenish tone out of the grey which I think is kinda cool and helps with the grungy look.

2nd group on L. 1st group of R.

Here they all are together ready to bring down the world of Men.

The tufts are self adhesive and from the nice folks at Shadow’s Edge Miniatures. They have quite a good range and quality. Packs are enormous so good value too.

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