Our Friends Beneath the Sands

I bought a second hand, hard back copy of this book yesterday for a fiver, which is a bit of a bargain assuming I actually sit down and read it? I already have a digital copy but I prefer ‚proper‘ books, not only because they are things of beauty but also as they can be opened up and read through, alongside all the other books that might be relevant to your particular project of interest. This book is clearly relevant to French colonial actions in hot locations and I am really intrigued by how it might crossover with the Sandbox Skirmish terrain project as well as ‚Darkest Africa‘, in which I have had a long term interest. I was particularly fascinated by the photos of the Rif War and by the ‚classic‘ 1920’s and 1930’s imagery of the Foreign Legion in North Africa. I think I’ll save it for the festive season when I’ll have time to read it on holiday. 

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