Painting the Expanse

Of course with a rush of enthusiasm I have pushed aside some commission work and started bashing on with my Firefly in the Expanse project.

My friend at work who has been saving me the CNC tool boxes was asking me what I was doing with them, so that spurred me last weekend to start some cutting and gluing.

The big double wide is a store/brothel/admin center/community center (maybe all 4, I’m not going to judge). The small building is a workshop surrounded by piles of junk and barrels of printer matrix or chemicals.

While the epoxy was setting I decided to start painting figures too and try out some techniques. I black spray primed the buildings on Monday after work, promptly dropping them causing some damage that needed repair! During the week was painting more figures, painting the buildings and I started the ship’s launch too.

Since the buildings are converted shipping containers I printed off some corporate logos and made stencils, deliberately positioning them underneath/behind the added windows and roof thingies. Assorted old warning labels are on the ends at the big doors. I also painted anything retrofitted to the shipping container in a a light grey so it will stand out as something not original to the structure.

Blue Sun corporation

Weyland Corp

Checking around the workshop


back of workshop

The bases of the buildings haven’t been painted yet. But I want the glue to have 24 hours to dry.

The RAFM figures come with nice round bases, so adding additional washers or MDF bases isn’t really necessary.

I should add some more signage methinks. Perhaps in a mix of English, Hindi and Chinese or Russian. But I’ll have to hand paint that as my printer is not of high enough resolution to do crisp lettering that small.

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