Peruvian Ironclad Loa

Peruvian Ironclad Loa

I’ve ordered a second Huascar model from Tumbling Dice today, so that I can deploy her in Chilean service after her capture at the Battle of Angamos. It’s such a neat little model that I couldn’t resist the temptation and it isn’t entirely frivolous as I can use her against the Peruvian monitor Manco Capac for the Battle of Arica. I’m also thinking of having a go at another 1/2400th scale scratch build to make a model of the Peruvian casemate ironclad Loa, which didn’t  take part in the war but might have done if she hadn’t had her armour removed as a training vessel. It’s an interesting ‚what if?‘ and should be relatively simple to do. There’s a really interesting thread here all about her:

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