Pickett´s Charge 1 – Strelets

The 11th Mississippi.
45 bods in 19 poses. One wounded and the usual Streltsi..so this time only 3 repeat poses needed including to make up the 20 required.

Who´se been pilfering from the artillery clothing store? 
Another „pointing at …what“ ? Bod

The poses are not too dissimilar to the  Confederate Troops on the march set which, adding both sets togehter,  would make it possible to create an 80+ man Regiment. Add a few from the Union Infantry on the March and the US Troops in Attack and the Regiment could number well over 100.

Using only 20  from each set has left me with a lot of spare bods. I´m going to have a bit of Patience and hope that Strelets will bring out the various foot command bods as a seperate set. If they do, then I can create a couple more Regiments.
If not, I can get hold of enough command bods to represent one regimental command group and use up the spares in some sort of dio.

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