Retro Gaming - Old School RPG: Classic Traveller

Retro Gaming – Old School RPG: Classic Traveller

Do you remember the Traveller little Black Books? If so you might well have tried a mullet in the eighties, along with Chris Waddle and half the England squad .. but more importantly you were also must plead „Guilty M’Lord“ of playing Traveller and probably humming along to Blake’s Seven (but on the up side didn’t miss a penalty for England). In my search for retro-nostalgia I harkened back to the days of my youth and asked in forums, joined a Facebook Group (Classic Traveller) and in the was pointed to a website of the originator (see below, the lost books of the Traveller legend and lore):

Don’t ask why, as I only played a few games back then, my RPG was mainly fantasy (95%) and that meant D&D or rather AD&D as we got a kick out of saying that (although we did ‚dabble‘ in a [one] Runequest adventure but came back to the fold). Recently I played something similar to Classic Traveller in an online game and since that moment something like „peeling wallpaper“ was happening in my mind. Now, I am eagerly awaiting delivery of a CD from the States with the first collection on the above to help me through the dark winter nights 😉 

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