San Miguelito Ranch House

Hey Gringo! 
I bought this Blotz 20mm Middle Eastern building at Colours last year to use as a Mexican ranch house or hacienda for the Viva la Revolucion! scenario, Patton’s First Fight. It’s not exactly the right layout but, with the addition of an outbuilding or stables on the adjacent laser cut mdf rectangle, it will do the job quite well. I’ll need to scratch build the stables but that shouldn’t be too difficult using bits of mdf base, matchsticks and other scrap stuff.
Last night, I under coated the mdf parts in some horribly sticky yellow spray paint then sanded this down when I realised I’d made a bad choice, assembled it then resprayed it in the more reliable Halfords Ultra Matt Khaki. I then smothered it in artist’s acrylic paste, to give it some texture and to hide the nasty joints, which is now drying out prior to being lightly sanded down again. I can then texture the courtyard area and start on the painting bit. 

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