Scenarios for Bag the Hun

Scenarios for Bag the Hun


I’ve been thinking about writing a set of scenarios for Bag the Hun for months but couldn’t decide whether to pick up an old set of notes for the  Whirlwind anti-shipping strike missions, or try something completely new. In the end, I’ve picked a really mainstream topic, the air battles for Guadalcanal and the Solomons, which has been done many times before but is perhaps of greater appeal than my usual obscure subjects. 

The thing that I like about this option is that I can base the scenarios on one of my favourite books, Edward H.Sim’s Greatest Fighter Missions, of which I have an original first edition hardback copy. This is a fantastic source of scenario information and includes several specific sorties, breaking them down into blow by blow tactical steps. The diagrams are especially useful and the text resonates with the first hand experience of the author as a WW2 fighter pilot.

I’m planning to get started on the scenario development over Easter, when I’ll have time to sit down and work my way through the book and the other sources that I will use to pull it all together. After that, I’ll paint the required planes in 1/600th scale, which shouldn’t take too long as they have very simple camouflage schemes and insignia, ready for some playtesting in the Summer.

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