Serendipitous Uruks

One shelf (well not just one to be honest) in the Basement o’Rabbits has bugged me for a long time. Upper shelves were shallow card board boxes with 15mm WW2 troops, then a semi organized jumble of flocking, glues, jars of sand, boxes of useful bits, bases and washers for basing and other sundries.

Got some rolling stands with trays intended for scrap booking on sale and sorted all my 15mm SYW and WW2 troops into them, clearing off shelves so I could reorganize and tidy. Putting everything together and making things generally easier to find. Like I found some bits that will be useful for my space colony build!
On the bottom shelf, buried under another box and obscured by crap sitting in front was a dusty box labelled „kid’s minis“. 
„What ho! What’s this then?“ I say to myself and take a peek. Bunch of half painted FRPG figures etc. But also these beauties:
These are, I think, Black Tree Designs. They all have The Lidless Eye on their shields. So now the Witch King has a lovely company of heavy Uruks once I finish my daughter’s painting.
I’ve also realized that I’ve got a lot of different types of flock and grades of sand!

So it pays to clean up.

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